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Branch stacking? We love it. We're Labor (60)

This week I want to explore my favourite topic, branch stacking. This time I don't want to explore the fact that it is going on. We all know that it is going on, in serious proportions. That's a given. This week I want to explore the things we don't know about it. I want to try to extrapolate from the things we do know (ie. that it is going on in serious proportions) to try and uncover some of the unknowns.

It seems that many people have spent a lot of time and energy trying to gather evidence to prove that it is going on. A lot of good, dedicated Labor people have spent a lot of their time trying to catch the branch stackers out. Their focus has been on exposing it. Many are still hopeful that if they expose it to the upper echelons of the ALP hierarchy in Victoria, the leadership will be shocked into action and will then do everything in its power to solve the problem. After all, the ALP’s rules prohibit branch stacking.

But I want to start from a fairly safe assumption, and that is that the upper echelons of the ALP hierarchy in Victoria know that it is going on and choose to do nothing about it. You can read some of my previous posts and make your own mind up about whether this is a safe assumption. Branch stacking appears to be rife in the safe Labor electorates and it is particularly bad in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. There is no question that this practice is going on and that the ALP in Victoria allows it to go on.

The average punter doesn't know what branch stacking is and, therefore, doesn't comprehend the serious impact it can have on a community. In effect, the practice allows corrupt individuals to buy their way into parliament. But these corrupt individuals couldn't buy their way into parliament unless the organisation (in this case the ALP) itself was corrupt, because there are rules in place to prevent the practice. In the face of strong evidence that the practice is rife, the rules must be deliberately disregarded by the organisation for an individual to get into parliament on the back of a branch stacking racket.

So why is it happening? How does a relatively unknown Labor shonk come out of nowhere to run a branch stacking racket—which ultimately becomes a key factor in the subsequent election of the shonk to parliament—and get away with it?

There are a number of possible reasons for why these shonks are getting away with their branch stacking rackets. I have already disregarded the first possible reason, which is that those people who have the responsibility for managing the party and upholding its rules, don't know that it is going on. We know that those in power do know it is going on. Their own reports has told them that it is going on. So if they know it is going on (which they do), there has got to be a reason for why they allow it to continue. One possible reason for this is that they don't think it is that serious.

I know some people within the ALP think this way. But of course Labor's own rules indicate that branch stacking is serious and prescribes quite serious penalties for it (including expulsion, suspension, etc).

Branch stacking is serious and that's why the penalties are serious. Taken to its extreme, branch stacking would allow anyone who has the money to buy their way into pre-selection. Sure, pre-selection isn't just based on member votes. The ALP's Executive Committee also have a big say in who gets pre-selected (I believe their input accounts for ½ of the final outcome). But if you have stacked the numbers really well, you may only need a small amount of support from the Executive Committee to get up.

So if you happen to be a rich shonk, you can pay for people’s ALP membership and pay them to vote for you.

Taken to the extreme (as it has been taken in some electorates), pre-selection no longer has any basis in democracy. The process becomes a joke. And what about those stackers that do it really, really well, the ones that are so good at it (or just willing to put so much money into it) that they can buy off or introduce large numbers of "Labor members” into several electorates. They wield so much power that they can become the ALP’s factional leaders.

Branch stacking is serious and Labor’s leadership group knows it’s serious. So we can disregard this as a reason for why it is going on. Tomorrow we’ll explore another reason for why Labor allows branch stacking to go on.

Diane Anderson, described by Paul Austin on the front page of The Age as one of the most important persons in the Victorian ALP, has this to say about branch stacking in her publication Higgins News -

Diane Anderson - Tooronga ALP

In Higgins News, Vol 16 No 2, April 2005, pp 3-5

Page 3
In recent weeks, it seems that hardly a day goes by without the appearance of yet another article on branch stacking within the Victorian ALP. As a 29 year member of this Party who has never joined a faction, has never branch stacked but has led the charge against it long before it was even recognised by many in our Party, I am highly gratified to see the likes of John Cain, John Button and Joan Kirner acknowledging the need to seriously address the problem. Branch stacking is the cancer within the ALP. It disempowers genuine members while promoting individuals lacking in both ethics and ability. It perverts not only the preselection of MPs but also the election of State Conference delegates and thus all of the organs of the Party subsequently elected by State Conference.

I am not so naïve as to suggest to Higgins members that there was ever a halcyon period in the history of our Party when branch stacking did not exist and only the best and the brightest rose to leadership roles. From the mid-1980s when Labor occupied the Treasury benches at both the state and the federal levels, however, branch stacking escalated on a scale the likes of which I doubt we had ever seen before. I was a member of the Membership Subcommittee of the Admin Committee back in the early 1990s when some of the worst branch stacking was occurring. I thus have first hand knowledge at the highest level of our Party of the extent of the problem.

A stacked member can be said to be a person who has joined the Party to support a particular individual rather the Party as a whole. Stacks rarely are seen except at FEA Election time and during the conducting of local plebiscites that form part of the preselection process to endorse MPs.
Branch stacking takes two forms: legitimate stacks and illegitimate stacks. Illegitimate stacks are the easier problem to address. Illegitimate stacks live outside the electorate and use phoney addresses, often commercial post boxes. By going to the AEC Roll, these people can be detected so long as they are citizens. This is what we did and published in the pages of the Nov-Dec. 1998 Higgins News. It might surprise some newer Higgins members to know that at that time, Higgins was one of the most highly stacked electorates in the Victorian ALP on a per capita basis.

Legitimate stacks pose a more difficult problem. These people live within the electorate, but owe their first loyalty to the person who stacked them into the Party. They rarely if ever participate in Party affairs. Some stacks don't even know that they have been stacked into the Party.

Ethnic branches have been a major source of branch stacking. During the Affirmative Action debate in the early 1990s, a series of seminars for women were held. I believe I was the only Anglo-Saxon attendee of the seminar for migrant women. I was both shocked and gratified to hear the outrage expressed by women from non-English speaking backgrounds who condemned the ethnic branches as being mere tools for the ethnic warlords. Women were given short shrift in these branches. The ethnic women stated that the ethnic branches did little or nothing to integrate ethnic minorities into the mainstream of Australian politics. Instead, they charged that these branches demeaned the cause of multiculturalism by fostering corruption.

I recall a story related to me by members of an affiliated trade union who voted in a state preselection plebiscite in the eastern suburbs. Knowing that the ethnic warlord in the area would have his stacks out in mass, my

Page 4
colleagues decided to test the waters so to speak. While in line waiting to vote, they smiled pleasantly at the ethnic stacks who smiled back. My colleagues then took out a picture of Premier Jeff Kennett. The stacks lit up like Christmas trees at the sight of Jeffrey's mug exclaiming "Jeff Kennett - very good, very good." These people's votes were in all probability cast to preselect a recently promoted Bracks Government Minister.

Despite the Dreyfus Review and the subsequent rule changes enacted at State Conference a few years ago, branch stacking continues to plague our Party. This is because the factions will not take the hard steps necessary to deal with the legitimate stacks. For the first decade of my Party membership, a member had to attend at least three branch meetings in order to be able to vote in internal Party elections. The reinstatement of this rule has been called for by reformers such as the group ALP Members for Democratic Change. The need to attend three meetings per year would go a long way toward wiping out the illegitimate stacks. Of course in crooked branches attendance books can be doctored. There are a number of fairly painless ways to get around that problem, however. By knocking back the power of the branch stackers, democratic processes within the Party can be revitalised giving genuine members a reason to again attend their local branches.

I have been very concerned about some of the drivel that has come out attacking Cain, Kirner and Button by individuals such as David White and Steve Bracks.
I tried to address some of those concerns on Jon Faine's programme but with the usual lack of success. For the record, Joan Kirner came to this Party a cleanskin in 1979. She had come to prominence for her role in the parents' club movement in government schools. She may well have changed factions once she joined the
Party and was better able to see what was going on around her. Her preselection situation was very different from that of Steve Bracks, however.

Following Federal Intervention in the Victorian ALP in 1970, the factions as we know them came into being as a means of constructively channelling ideological debate. Positioned between the Socialist Left and Labor Unity factions was the Independent Faction. The Independents grew out of the old Participants Group that had brought about Federal Intervention. The Independents were far more loosely bound together than were the other two factions. They were centre-left ideologically.

After Joan Kirner's retirement from politics, Steve Bracks sought preselection for her old seat of Williamstown. Steve was then a member of the Independents. Steve is quite right wing to my thinking, especially in matters of fiscal policy. At his behest, then MP Neil O'Keefe and a group of conservative barristers sought to take the faction to the right of politics and to align themselves with the Labor Unity faction. Steve would then get LU's backing on the central POSC.

I have long been known as a genuinely non-faction voice within the Party. Some of the long term Independent Faction members such as David Mackenzie and Howard Hodgeson asked me to attend the special faction meeting called to endorse the aforementioned proposal to try and dissuade other members of the group. I was clearly unsuccessful as the conservatives carried the day. Long term Independents left the meeting in despair crying that 'The Independents are dead" while Steve Bracks sat smiling like the cat that ate the canary.

Following Bracks' preselection, the independents renamed themselves the

Page 5
Non-aligned Group. O'Keefe pushed the privatisation of Telstra. Members of the NA Group intervened in the Higgins preselection of the Danbyite candidate in 2001. The progressive Independent Faction was dead in the water.

As for Steve Bracks, it saddens me that I have never seen Steve at the forefront of Party reform. He has surrounded himself with people from the Network group, in my opinion the most corrupt group of all the stackers. It was typical, for example, that when David Feeney was being ousted as State Secretary after already losing one job following charges of branch stacking and after being forced to make an out of court settlement in a defamation case in which he was caught out interfering in the internal affairs of a union of which he was not a member, Steve Bracks embraced him and hired him to work in Premiers. Steve has promoted other Networkers as well. What kind of a message about the Premier's commitment to reform does that send to the community?

Finally, Bracks has called upon those seeking reform to put up or shut up. I'd remind dear old Steve that when a cross factional group in Melbourne Ports had compiled a case against the Michael Danby stacking machine in Melbourne Ports and was about to take Michael to court, the group (after televised demonstrations at ALP State Conference) was pressured to withdraw its lawsuit "for the good of the Party." I don't believe Steve offered any encouragement to those courageous individuals. I'd also remind Steve that when I charged him with a breach of the Party Rules accompanied by 28 pages of evidence and paid my $100 lodgement fee with the Disputes Tribunal in 2000, Steve refused to participate. My money is gone and I have never had a hearing. So much for making use of the Party mechanisms!

Party reform is the responsibility of every Party member. Members who vote and make decisions on the basis of personality as opposed to policy are as much a part of the stacking problem as the stackers themselves. I hope with all of the publicity that has been generated in the media in recent days, members across the state and not just in Higgins will seize the initiative and demand the genuine reforms that will finally root out branch stacking, the cancer within.
Diane Anderson is the Queen of Higgins. Long may she reign.
Diane Anderson is Victoria's leading authority on branch stacking. Paul Austin said so in The Age.
all we need to do now is get rid of the filthy branch stackers at the state election.

Imagine the people of Keilor voting for that stinking fraud, George Seitz again. I mean, Hello? Anyone got a brain up there?

That filthy stinking branch stacker should have gone long ago. Same with that filthy branch stacking bastard, Telmo Languiller.

Both of them just sit on their arses and serve their time, meanwhile they let all the money go to the eastern suburbs while services and facilities out here go to rot.

Do nothing, know nothing, just branch stack like the filthy bastards they are.
Don't knock George. They hate Candy Broad in the country and Bracks wants to find a new seat to put her bum on. I'd rather George than Candy, that useless know-nothing from the eastern suburbs.
Mary Delahunty would be better than Candy.
Anyone would be better than Candy.
It's about time people in the western suburbs voted Liberal. Then all the bastards would be gone.
Labor continues to be a party of duds. One example of incompetence is Agriculture Minister Bob Cameron who misleads Victorian farmers. Stop incompetence. Vote Liberal. Read our press release:

Date : Friday, 22 September 2006
Author : The Hon Dr Denis Napthine MLA
State Agriculture Minister Bob Cameron has been caught out misleading Victorian farmers over cuts to the Department of Primary Industries.

Shadow Minister for Agriculture Denis Napthine this week showed that the Department of Primary Industries budget had been cut by $28 million - 6.5 per cent - over last year's funding levels.

This week Minister Cameron tried to refute Dr Napthine's claims, branding the figures as wrong.

"Unfortunately for Minister Cameron, it is he who is either wrong or just plain misleading," Dr Napthine said.

"The figures that Minister Cameron claimed that I got wrong came from no less a source than the State Government's own Labor-dominated Public Accounts and Estimates Committee's Report on the 2006-07 Budget Estimates."

The report shows:

Departmental Review

Chapter 13: Department of Primary Industries

13.1.2 Budget summary – output costs

The department’s output budget for 2006-07 was $398.6 million, a decrease of $27.8 million or 6.5 per cent on the estimated actual result for 2005-06.

"I did not make these figures up," Dr Napthine said. "These are the figures contained in the report from the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee - the State Labor Government's own Labor-dominated committee with a Labor chair!

"The figures from the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee do not lie.

"They prove beyond reasonable doubt that there have been substantial cuts to DPI funding. I quoted these figures accurately and correctly.

"This leads to one of only two possible conclusions: either Minister Cameron is once again trying to cover up massive cuts to the Department of Primary Industries at a time when farmers are facing a serious drought - or he has simply not bothered to read his own Government's PAEC reports and has decided to fire off at the mouth without checking his facts first.

"Either way, Minister Cameron is not fit to hold the crucial Agriculture portfolio and he should be sacked by Premier Bracks.

"Minister Cameron should be relegated to the back bench where his bungling and incompetence can no longer hurt Victoria's vitally important farming sector."

Media enquiries: Denis Napthine 96251445 [pager]
The duds are the Liberals (with the exception of Candy Broad, whom both putlaborlast and myself consider a dud)and I'm sick of reading mad Liberal press releases on this pro-Liberal blog. Telmo and George are great MPs.
Is there any truth to the rumour that Craig Otte ate Telmo?

Haven't seen Telmo for a while and Craig is looking even more rotund.
Now Now 10.48. Paula Rizzutto, former failed candidate for both the Moreland Council and ALP preselection, made the same claim on her blog. Only in her case it was HER. And she claimed she ate her husband Stephen HO.

You read too many blogs 10.48. Telmo is great.
Telmo might be Minister for Transport if Labor wins the November 25 election. Of course they have to win it yet but if they do the west will have a very able Minister. Telmo is great, as the previous commentator said.
What about George Seitz. He's one of our better MPs too, and I think he deserves to be in the Bracks Ministry. I'm sick of Lebanese running the state. How about a Croatian?
Or a Uruguayan?
We love Telmo out her is Sunshine.
OMG change the topic before the pro telmo and george-ites think there is hope for them! QUICK!!!
Omega is a pro Melton blogger. Not a Brimbank blogger. Omega. Stop your ranting. George and Telmo are great.
The western suburbs bear the brunt of Labor's failure to tackle key issues. One is the head lice problem. Labor fails. Liberal acts. Vote Liberal on November 25th. Read our latest press release:

Date : Monday, 2 October 2006
Author : Ted Baillieu MLA
A Liberal Government would tackle head lice head-on by supplying treatment for all Victorian primary school children free of charge, Liberal Leader Ted Baillieu said today.

Speaking on the first day of Term 4 at Glenferrie Primary School, Mr Baillieu said the $2.3 million initiative would provide parents with two treatments per year at all government and non-government schools.

Mr Baillieu said parents would also be given instructions on treating head lice at the time head lice was discovered and their children were sent home, to further reduce the spread of head lice throughout school communities.

Under the current system, only nurses or trained parents inspect children's heads periodically or when infestation occurs, resulting in many cases not being treated adequately.

"As confirmed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, head lice is a major public health problem in Australia, and incurs large costs to schools through dealing with persistent infestations," Mr Baillieu said.

"The cost is also large for parents, through paying for treatment and staying home from work while their children are kept from school until the infestation is treated.

"In many cases, the financial burden, inconvenience and risk of further spreading the infestation is exacerbated because of lack of instruction and access to medication for parents.

"We want to do everything we can to ensure children are able to return to school as soon as possible without the chance of further spreading head lice throughout their school community.

"Head lice creates a major disruption to teaching, learning and family function throughout Victoria, and I am delighted to announce a Liberal commitment to assisting school communities in dealing with this important educational issue."

Media contact: Peta Carlyon, 0400 951 195
The Liberals talk about helping school communities. While their proposals on head lice make good sense there are other issues too that they should address. Like the Victorian Institute of Teaching. An incompetent body and a disreputable layer of bureaucracy. Abolish it. Why should teachers pay $65 for a body that is harmful to their welfare.

Bracks lied before the last state election claiming he had to pay for teacher registration under the Libs when he was a (not very good) teacher. The Liberals never charged for teacher registration. Will a Liberal government make a commitment to abolish the VIT or if it wants to keep it (heaven forbid) abolish all charges.
Labor's failure to deal properly with sex offenders. Read our press release:

Date : Tuesday, 3 October 2006
Author : Andrew McIntosh MLA
The Adult Parole Board in its 2005-2006 Annual Report has canned Labor's failed Sex Offenders Monitoring Act's Extended Supervision Order regime.

"This is yet another sad indictment on Labor's failed Sex Offenders Monitoring Act" Mr McIntosh said.

"The Liberal Party has said from the outset that Labor's sex offender monitoring laws where deficient. Victorians deserve strong monitoring laws that will actually protect them from serious repeat sex offenders.

"This latest embarrassment for Labor's failed law comes on top of the Court of Appeal ruling the legislation is ineffective and cannot provide the protection Labor spin doctors claim it can" said Mr McIntosh

The Adult Parole Board, charged with the responsibility of overseeing all Extended Supervision Orders, said in its report;

"The issue of accommodation (of recidivist sex offenders) has become a matter of great concern…"

"…it remains necessary that careful consideration be given to providing appropriate accommodation arrangements to create a bridge between institutional detention of high-need sex offenders and their supervision in the community, whether on parole or under an extended supervision order."

"We need a strict regime of monitoring released pedophiles and rapists to ensure that the likes of Mr Baldy and Robin Fletcher aren't allowed to wander around Victorian streets preying on their next victims" Mr McIntosh said

"Steve Bracks and Labor have again proven that they cannot be trusted to protect the safety of Victorian families from repeat sex offenders."

Media Contact: Andrew McIntosh 0408 310 443
We've read on this blog all about Diane Anderson, head lice and sex perverts. What next will the Liberals tell us about? All for the benefit of lazy journalists, giving them copy on a news free day. That's why they have yet to pick up the Liberal press release on head lice. It's one of the best press releases I've ever read. Keep up the good work Libs.
Diane Anderson isn't a Lib. She's a member of the ALP in Higgins. She's also an enemy of Telmo which should make her very acceptable to the people who write for this blog. Liberals all.
The safety of all Victorians is the subject of our very latest press release, issued this very afternoon. Read how bad the Bracks government treats our police. The safety of our state is at peril if we reelect the Bracksward government. Read all about it in our press release:

Date : Wednesday, 4 October 2006
Author : Kim Wells MLA
In yet another embarrassing leak for Labor, a Victoria Police internal memo has revealed that frontline policing is under enormous strain, Shadow Minister for Police Kim Wells said today.

"The memo shows that although police are only into their third month of the current financial year, the Region Five budget position is already being described as "desperate".

"This leaked memo clearly contradicts Police Minister Tim Holding's ongoing public statements that our police force is well resourced, and casts grave doubts upon his credibility.

The document also states that in some cases, police stations will need to be shut due to a shortage of police.

"As a result overtime has had to be severely cut back 'even if that means that a timeline mandated by policy cannot be me'," Mr Wells said.

"This document confirms the current critical shortage of frontline police and further supports leaked documents released four weeks ago which revealed that 748 police have been taken off the frontline over the past two years.

"Local police have raised concerns with me that due to the crisis in frontline police numbers they could face disciplinary charges if they shut their police stations.

"To do so, they would be committing an offence under the Firearms Act by locking down the weapons, but leaving the station unattended.

"Tim Holding must explain to the Victorian community exactly how many police Victoria has on the frontline, and how he is going to fix the mess, as described in the memo," Mr Wells said.

Media: Kim Wells pager 9625 1485, Emily Broadbent 0400 390 008
Where have you gone?
Where have you gone PUT LABOUR LAST? It has been well over one week - and still nothing! You have to come back and finish your mission. A mission that is REALLY IMPORTANT for the residents of Brimbank!
Sunshine was the site of a horrendous traim accident in 1908. Don't let it happen again. Vote Liberal and read our press release:

Date : Thursday, 5 October 2006
Author : Terry Mulder MLA
Labor must explain why country train operator V/Line had an unexplained increase in one of the most serious safety breaches possible on any rail system in 2005/06, Shadow Minister for Transport Terry Mulder said today.

Referring to results in the 2005/06 V-Line Annual Report, Mr Mulder said in 2005/06, V/Line trains passed rail signals that were set at 'danger', or 'stop', 11 times, compared with eight times in the previous financial year.

"On parts of the Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong and Latrobe Valley lines, VLocity trains travel at up to 160 kilometres an hour. The trains' dull purple, black and green colour scheme blends in to Victoria's countryside. It can be difficult for motorists to see the trains," Mr Mulder said.

"What would happen if a train operating at 160kmh ignored a red signal and collided with another train or a road vehicle?

"The tragic Trawalla level crossing collision of six months ago is a reminder that although trains are heavier than most road vehicles, trains may suffer serious damage resulting in loss of life when they collide with trucks, let alone another train of the same or heavier mass.

"As when motorists ignore traffic lights, a train that ignores a red signal can place V/Line passengers at risk of serious injury. Yet V/Line has recorded this alarming rise in trains proceeding past red signals without a single word of explanation in its 2005/06 annual report."

Mr Mulder said Transport Minister Peter Batchelor must explain where and in which circumstances each of the 11 incidents occurred.

"Has each passing of a red signal by a train been fully investigated?" Mr Mulder said.

"Was each incident caused by signals suddenly changing their display as trains approached, poor visibility in extreme weather conditions, or by the inattention or fatigue of train drivers?

"How close did V/Line come to having collisions because of signals being passed when trains should have stopped? What staff training has V/Line instituted to ensure that signals are not passed when they are displaying a stop indication?

"Were any train drivers disciplined, and if so how?" Mr Mulder said.

"Peter Batchelor must explain why V/Line has refused to explain the circumstances in which these potentially serious breaches of safety occurred on V/Line."

Media: Terry Mulder, 0408 377 316
Why do the Libs always spoil a good story. Who could care less what happened in 1908?
The 1908 Sunshine train accident, with many lived lost, was caused by a very fast Bendigo loco running into the back of a Ballarat train. It has many lessons for the Liberal Party, and they are hypocrites to refer to it. They are just being smart arses. Part of the blame was due to multitasking, a Liberal initiative. The ticket seller at Sunshine also operated the signalling, and the signalling wasn't operated in time. But that didn't excuse the fast train driver but multitasking is a disaster in this case.

Lets hope history doesn't repeat itself as Bendigo very fast trains and Ballarat very fast trains both go through Sunshine.
Another of our press releases. This time about the Greens. Many western suburbs voters, fed up with the treatment of the west at the hands of the Bracksward government are thinking of voting Greens. Don't do it. You get more bang for your buck by voting Liberal, and we have a first class upper house candidate in Bernie Finn. Read our press release and don't be fooled. A vote for the Greens is a vote for Labor:

Date : Friday, 6 October 2006
Author : The Hon Philip Davis MLC
The Victorian economy would be devastated by The Greens' plan to decommission Hazelwood power station, Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources Philip Davis said today.

The decommissioning of Hazelwood would not only result in 500 direct job losses at the power station, but also several hundred contractors.

The cost of electricity would escalate, leading to wide-spread job losses in industry throughout Victoria and higher energy costs for household consumers.

"This is yet another half-baked policy we now expect from The Greens," Mr Davis said. "The Latrobe Valley is vital to the Victorian economy, because 97% of Victoria's base load electricity comes from brown coal.

"Every family, business and industry in Victoria relies on electricity produced in the Latrobe Valley, of which International Power Hazelwood is an integral part.

"Hazelwood Power is a private business operating under state licences which run for decades.

"Are The Greens now proposing that State Governments should arbitrarily confiscate private assets to implement their radical policy?

"If not, are they proposing to burden Victorian tax payers with the cost of the State compulsorily acquiring the power station from International Power?

"If this was to occur, no owner of private property in Victoria could feel safe.

"This policy does not make logical or economic sense, and is simply economic vandalism."

Mr Davis said The Greens would ruin Victoria's ability to attract investment as there would be considerable uncertainty about the role of government in interfering in the ownership of property.

"Energy supply is complex and a blanket shut-down of coal-fired power stations will not progress energy or greenhouse policy in a responsible way.

"A Liberal Government would be committed to focusing on greenhouse gas reduction strategies working with all potential energy providers but not unilaterally shutting down the Latrobe Valley power stations and consequently most of the activity in Victoria to achieve this."

Media Enquires: Wendy Collins-Dee on (03) 5143 1038 or 0407 817 763
What has Labor done for level crossings? We will commit $22 million to level crossing eradication during the life of a Liberal government. Read on:

Date : Friday, 6 October 2006
Author : Ted Baillieu MLA
Liberal Leader Ted Baillieu today announced $22 million for Victoria's country level crossings.

Mr Baillieu revealed a four-year action plan including an urgent upgrade at Trawalla - the level crossing where two people lost their lives in a horror collision earlier this year.

"No amount of upgrades or funding can ever bring back those lost at Trawalla, but we must do everything in our power to ensure it never happens again," Mr Baillieu said.

As party of the announcement Mr Baillieu committed to build a new $10 million level crossing at Warragul in Gippsland, and upgrade the Birregurra level crossing near Colac, in the first term of a Liberal Government.

"Trawalla, Warragul and Birregurra have been identified as the most important country crossings needing urgent government attention," he said.

After $13 million in the first year, $3 million will be spent every year after to ensure Victoria's country level crossings are made as safe as they can, Mr Baillieu said.

"Labor has wasted money on level crossings leading nowhere, while our country people risk their lives every day just to collect the mail or get their children to school.

"A Liberal Government is not going to spend millions of dollars on spin, it's going to put the money on the line and make country level crossings safer."

Media enquires: Emily Broadbent 0400 390 008
I Like how the libs keep posting stuff here... what they have nto realised is that they avoide the big issues and pander around the little ones.
Labor has done nothing to preserve Victoria's water supply. End the Labor drought. Vote Liberal. Read our press release:

Date : Monday, 9 October 2006
Author : Ted Baillieu MLA
Labor's no dams policy today took a 180 degree turn.

Water Minister Thwaites has revealed the hidden agenda in Victoria's water debate - a pro dams policy.

The same minister who, in debate on the Heritage Rivers Bill on July 20, told Parliament "new dams are not the answer".

A day after Liberals' Leader Ted Baillieu announced plans for the Arundel Dam on the Maribyrnong River, new dams are the answer.

Thwaites said on radio 3AW: "… we are considering a balancing dam in the north-west of the State, which will be able to provide some saving for the Snowy and the Murray."

There's just one problem - the north-west is the driest part of Victoria.

North of a line from Kerang to the South Australian border there are vast areas with names like Big Desert, Sunset Country National Park and Hattah-Kulkyne Park - the site of Labor's toxic dump.

Just one river flows through this parched sunset country - the Murray, which is in New South Wales.

The north-west falls within a wide spread of northern Victoria that is part of the jurisdiction of the Murray Darling Basin Commission. It includes the area covered by the Victoria-South Australia Groundwater (Border Agreement).

Building another dam on the Murray is not an option.

That's why Thwaites should come clean on Labor's plan for a dam in the north-west.

For further information: Nicholas McGowan 0448 448 487
Solidarity with Korea

The Labor Party supports US Imperialists and their running dogs.
For example the ALP publication Higgins News referred to previously is clearly in sympathy with the US Imperialism

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to the DPR of Korea to participate in both a Meeting Dedicated to the Great Persons of Mt Paektu and the World Conference in Support of the Independent and Peaceful Reunification of Korea.

Over 40 countries were represented there by more than 200 delegates. Both events were very successful and delegates were very enthusiastic in their dedication to help promote the peaceful reunification of Korea.

The DPR of Korea is a successful socialist nation which has not succumbed to revisionism and continues to prosper despite the many obstacles put in their by US imperialism. They are united as one in there love for their Country, their Leader and their Party, the Workers Party of Korea.

The DPR of Korea is a shining light to all the oppressed peoples of the world and should be supported in all ways possible.

I strongly urge all putlaborlast readers to join the Australia-DPRK Friendship and Cultural Society as one way of supporting this great nation. There are branches in Melbourne, Brisbane, Wollongong and Sydney. If you are interested please send an email to the address below.

Leanne Lindsay
Australia-DPRK Friendship and Cultural Society
Wollongong Branch Secretary
There you are Mr Baillieu. An invitation too good to refuse. I asked Telmo and George and they refused so the DPRK friendly society must be OK.
The DPRK friendship society is clearly itself in league with "US Imperislism and its running dogs. It uses a hotmail email address." Couldn't be any more imperialist. Hotmail is controlled by the US Imperialist comany Microsoft.
Get rid of the Greens and support the Liberal Party. The Greens proposal to provide contraceptives for foxes and rabbits is ludicrous. Shoot em. That's easier. Read our press release:

Date : Tuesday, 10 October 2006
Author : The Hon Philip Davis MLC
The Greens' proposal to give foxes and rabbits contraceptives as a method of pest control is completely ridiculous, Shadow Minister for Country Victoria Philip Davis said today.

Mr Davis said The Greens' Upper House candidate for Northern Victoria Region Jennifer Alden told a recent forum that contraceptives were a better option than 1080 poison for baiting rabbits and foxes.

"Just how are The Greens planning on implementing this bizarre program?" Mr Davis said.

"The Greens obviously have any idea how much damage rabbits and foxes cause to native vegetation and stock.

"Rabbits and foxes are pests - not members of our community who have the right to 'family planning'.

"If The Greens were not so serious about this policy, it would be completely laughable."

Mr Davis said this policy of contraceptives for pests was just as ridiculous as The Greens' policies to provide fencing to protect humans from feral animals.

"The Greens' other policy on feral animals is to provide exclusion fencing running all over the state, vermin-proofing all of our public areas.

"The Greens would prefer to have Victorians hiding behind feral fencing for their own safety and handing out contraceptives than taking effective action to eradicate pests."

Mr Davis said the Liberal Party was not afraid to make the tough decisions and would implement a fox bounty program and aerial baiting trial to eradicate pests when in Government.

"A Liberal Government's fox bounty and aerial baiting trial of wild dogs would be welcome relief to Victorian farmers, who have struggled for years unaided by the Bracks Labor Government to protect their stock from predators," he said.

"Farmers are losing millions of dollars in stock every year to wild dogs and foxes - contraceptives are not going to alleviate this."

Media Enquires: Wendy Collins-Dee on (03) 5143 1038 or 0407 817 763
If a local poll in Geelong is indicative of Labor's vote elsewhere in Victoria Bracks is in trouble. It's the drought stupid.

Poll shows Labor's pains
Geelong Advertiser
Monday October 16

THE BRACKS Government's hold on the seat of South Barwon is shaky, according to exclusive Geelong Advertiser research.

The Addy Poll conducted in the South Barwon region with more than 300 residents on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week shows a seismic shift in voter intentions for the November 25 election compared with the 2002 result.

If the election was held at the time of the Addy Poll, Labor member Michael Crutchfield would have been turfed out with only 28 per cent of the primary vote.

Liberal candidate, successful businessman Michael King, would have taken office with a comfortable 42 per cent win.

Despite being one of the region's most prominent Lower House members, Mr Crutchfield has faced a horror year which included fury at the ring road decision, criticism over police numbers and complaints about having an abrasive personal style.

The Labor member has also faced the most consistent opponent in the lead-up to the poll, with the well-connected Mr King working constantly to raise his profile and drawing upon his own considerable resources to build his campaign.

In the region, Mr Crutchfield's seat is the most marginal, standing at 5.02 per cent, but when he took it in 2002 it was considered a sign of how strong the support for Labor was in the area.

Under the voting intentions tracked by the Addy Poll, that margin would have been obliterated.

The swing is so strong that even if he received the 9 per cent vote for the Greens he would still fall short.

A saving grace for Labor is that there are still many voters - 16 per cent - who are still not committed.

But many of those voters appear to have bled from the ALP vote base, so could splinter off to minor parties or the Opposition come election day.

According to the Addy Poll there was a large swing to the Liberals under all age groups with the largest being in the 35 to 49-year-old age group (41 per cent Liberal, 22 per cent Labor), and 50 to 64-year-olds (44 per cent Liberal, 34 per cent Labor).

At the last election in 2002, Mr Crutchfield took a whopping 47.40 per cent of the primary vote compared with the 39.51 per cent secured by Liberal sitting member Alister Paterson.

After preferences were allocated Mr Crutchfield secured 54.98 per cent while Mr Paterson got 45.02 per cent.

Even more ominously for Mr Crutchfield, the Addy Poll in the past has proved prescient, with the poll which ran before the 2002 election hinting at an upset win for Labor.

The seat of South Barwon has traditionally been considered blue ribbon Liberal, but Mr Crutchfield took the seat in 2002 after a hard-fought campaign.
We've exposed the Greens, with free contraceptives for foxes and rabbits (sounds undergraduate doesn't it) and now we expose Batchelor and his late trains. Vote Liberal. Read our press release below:

Date : Friday, 13 October 2006
Author : Terry Mulder MLA
"Labor's inability to run Ballarat, Ararat and Bacchus Marsh trains on time is making commuters' lives difficult", Shadow Minister for Transport, Terry Mulder, said today.

"Newly released V/Line figures for September 2006 show that the country train operator failed to meet its timekeeping targets anywhere in Victoria, even after Labor cooked the books to give V/Line's longer distance trains a 10 minute margin instead of the previous five minute allowance before they are officially recorded as 'late.'

"On the Melbourne to Ballarat line in September, 22 per cent of trains ran at least five minutes late. This was the worst performance of any short distance rural rail line in Victoria.

"On the Melbourne to Beaufort and Ararat line, 11 per cent of trains ran 10 minutes or more late. How many more Ararat and Beaufort trains ran between five and ten minutes late?

"Under Labor, we've had 18 months of promises from Transport Minister Peter Batchelor and local Labor MPs such as Karen Overington and Joe Helper that 'improvements are just around the corner.'

"It must be a heck of a walk to reach this corner, because V/Line's performance was worse in September across Victoria than in August 2006", Mr Mulder said.

Mr Mulder said that V/Line would doubtless blame the Royal Melbourne Show and school holidays for its tardiness.

"Railway systems in the rest of the world cope with far more passengers than V/Line, yet trains overseas run on time, month after month.

"In the rest of Victoria, V/Line's performance was little better, with 18 per cent of trains to northeast Victoria and 17 per cent to Gippsland officially late.

"For Labor, the time has come to admit that it cannot run V/Line's trains on time", Mr Mulder said.

Contact: Terry Mulder 0408 377 316
What crap. Why did the Liberal Party neglect the Victorian railway network when it was in office? Why was the passenger train to Mildura abandoned?

True, we don't think much of Batchelor but at least Labor has been doing something. The Liberals did nothing.
Get rid of Labor slime. Vote Liberal. Read our latest press release:

Date : Monday, 16 October 2006
Author : Kim Wells MLA
Shadow Minister for Police Kim Wells said concerns expressed by the watchdog monitoring Labor's Office of Police Integrity (OPI) have confirmed there are serious problems with the OPI process.

In his annual report Special Investigations Monitor (SIM) David Jones was blunt and critical in his report on the way the OPI conducts its business.

The report detailed:

• OPI tabling correspondence criticising police officers, without the officers having the opportunity to defend themselves. Of this the SIM wrote:…"procedural fairness was not accorded to those officers." The SIM said officers should have had a chance to defend themselves before the report was published.

• Using coercive questioning powers unnecessarily. Such as the OPI summonsing witnesses to compulsory hearing when the witness would have done so voluntarily.

• SIM having ongoing hurdles trying to view video records of OPI interviews. The footage was often in a format the SIM could not access.

• OPI issuing a summons unreasonably. Such as the summonsing of one witness less than 30 hours before the hearing.

• OPI failing to take into account mental illness when interviewing a witness.

"The Liberal Party is very concerned that this most senior watchdog is far from impressed with the OPI - and yet Labor still refuses to take steps to correct flaws within the OPI," Mr Wells said.

"Police who act unlawfully should be fully investigated and punished. But this report confirms what we've been saying all along - that Labor's OPI process is grossly flawed. "It is clear that under a Labor Government criminals are being treated more fairly than our police.

"Victoria's already struggling to keep police on the frontline, these officers working hard to combat Labor's police shortages don't need their reputation tarnished by a flawed process.

"Labor's Police Minister Tim Holding created this mess - he needs to fix this crisis now."

Media: Kim Wells 9625 1485
Thank you Terry for defending us again. We will not bash up Liberal candidates now. We only bash up the public when they bash us.

Date : Sunday, 22 October 2006
Author : Ted Baillieu MLA
A Victorian Liberal Government will make public transport free for all children and full-time students from July 2007, Liberal Leader Ted Baillieu announced today.

Joined by Shadow Transport Minister Terry Mulder, Mr Baillieu said the $285 million initiative would provide a free service on Victoria's Met and country public transport networks for:

- All children aged four to 14 (children up to four years of age currently travel free); - Primary and secondary students; - Full-time tertiary students eligible for a tertiary concession card.

All children eligible for a child ticket and students eligible for a concession card under the current system can apply.

Concession cards will be retained at the current cost of $8.50. Students will be required to provide their card for inspectors to confirm eligibility.

The initiative will provide free public transport for full-time students and children on - Melbourne's tram, train and bus networks; - V/Line trains and coaches; - Bus services in Victoria's regional cities and towns, including Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Shepparton, Warrnambool, Wodonga and the Latrobe Valley.

Mr Baillieu said the initiative would provide financial relief for the cost of education to students and their families.

"We want to do everything we can to assist Victorian families with education, and providing free public transport for our young people represents a crucial opportunity to ease the cost," Mr Baillieu said.

"The Liberal Party is committed to encouraging Victoria's young people to stay at school and go on to higher education, to keep achieving and be the very best they can be."

Mr Baillieu said the initiative would encourage the greater use of public transport. This would in turn have flow-on effects for the environment, limiting greenhouse emissions which contribute to global warming and climate change.

Masters, PhD, postgraduate and overseas full-fee paying students would not be eligible for free public transport in Victoria. Students in a tertiary course of less than ten weeks' duration are also ineligible.

Mr Baillieu said the initiative would be implemented from July 2007, with the package to cost $285 million over the first term of government.

"Victorian students and their families deserve our every support in receiving a quality educational experience, and that includes travel to and from their educational institution," Mr Baillieu said.

"I am delighted to announce a Liberal commitment to free public transport for children and students in Victoria."

Media: Peta Carlyon, 0400 951 195
Previous contributor is obnoxious. That post is criminal and is defending assaults.
The moderator of this blog should delete anything from that contributor (I will not mention his name as it only dignifies him, or her)as it defends bashing and thuggery, criminal offences in this state.
Three cheers for George Seitz, Victoria's greatest MP.
Telmo is a great MP too. And so is Don Nardella in Melton.
Crap from 12.07 is enough for anyone to start wanting to vote Labor again, unless of course one lives in Batchelor's electorate. That man defends the thuggery advocated by the correspondent who is so cowardly that he will not name himself or herself. Of course he or she advocates criminal acts (thuggery) and that's why no real name is mentioned.

Will the police do anything or is Timmy in the pay of Batchelor?
What about Diane Anderson? She'd be a great MP
Someone wrote on the Landeryou blog that Phil Bain, former Mayor of Northcote and one time very good friend of Age gossip columnist and enemy of Landeryou named Suzy Carbone, will not reveal to anyone if he has ever been out with Diane Anderson, the Victorian ALP expert on branch stacking. Don't destroy your credibility ex Cr Bain. Have you or haven't you been out with that Yankee woman?

Author : The Hon Philip Davis MLC
The Liberal Party has taken a bipartisan approach to drought policy, despite inaccurate claims from John Brumby who obviously can't count.

Shadow Minister for Country Victoria Philip Davis said today it was a shame John Brumby had today chosen to use drought affected farmers to score political points.

"Before the writs were issued, representations were made by farmer groups to both the Bracks Government and the Liberal Party about the issues affecting drought affected farmers," Mr Davis said.

"In respect to each of the Government's drought policy announcements before the caretaker period began, the Liberal Party avoided using drought as a political football, instead committing to implement each of those initiatives when in Government.

"Therefore, all commitments made in respect to the Victorian Government's drought package announced prior to the caretaker period have bipartisan support.

"The difference between the Liberal Party and Labor is that Labor has capped the rebate available to irrigators who have received less than 50 per cent of their water entitlement, at $5000.

"In addition to the previous drought policy commitments, a Liberal Government will not cap the rebate at $5000, instead meeting the total cost of fixed water supply rates for rural water users receiving less than 50 per cent of their entitlements in 2006/07."

A Liberal Government is committed to easing the burden on irrigators during this drought.

Media Enquires: Wendy Collins-Dee on (03) 5143 1038 or 0407 817 763
John Brumby can't count and neither can Peter Batchelor.

What is the Liberal Party doing about ticket inspectors?

Will we get the trustees of the parliamentary pension fund denying corrupt Labor MPs a pension?

Liberals now have a change according to Newspoll. Don't squander it. Will Terry Mulder getting support from the moron ticket inspector on this site who needs enemies?
Ticket inspectors are an issue. They are heavily represented by ALP branchstackers and that's a good reason to PUT LABOR LAST
There is a blog www.ptinspectorwatch.blogspot.com
where there is a video of ticket inspector thuggery.
The morom who writes for this blog has even posted justifying assaults on law abiding passengers.
That's why he or she is too cowardly to use his or her real name.
PUTLABORLAST is a good idea, but will that end ticket inspector thuggery when the duopoly refuses to acknowledge the issue? I'd make an exception to putting Labor last in Polwarth. Terry Mulder looks and acts like a ticket inspector and he should be put last.
It is disgraceful that Telmo has not been included in the Ministry. All that hard work for nothing. Telmo is much better than that ticketinspector licker masonic moron Batchelor.
This blog was unsuccessful in its stated aim to end the Bracks government, but it has been successful in one respect. Repeated calls on this blog to terminate the commission of Transport Minister and ticket inspector defender Peter Batchelor have been heeded by the Premier. Batchelor was replaced as Transport Minister this morning by Lynne Kosky.

Whether we will get an end to ticket thuggery is yet to be seen.

This blog is very powerful, and is read in high places. We congratulate Minister Kosky on her appointment and hope she will work with all decent Victorians to end ticket inspector thuggery.

Mounting public anger at assaults on innocent passengers have forced Bracks to make this change or lose all credibility.

It is hoped that we shall see some sense from new Minister Lynne Kosky, who represents Altona and lives in
Footscray, where she is a former Mayor.

We want action Minister. We want an end to inspector thuggery. We want you to condemn Trevor Dobbyn, the ultra left boss of the Transport Union who defends inspector thuggery in the best Stalinist tradition.

We want action Minister Kosky and we want it now.
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