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Labor sells Telmo a seat in Parliament (61)

It's old news now, but it's still interesting and relevant today. In 1998, Channel 9's Sunday program ran a story called Labor Seats for Sale. That's where yesterday's quote comes from. The story covers Labor's branch stacking antics in general, but a fair portion of it relates to Victoria, and the Western Suburbs of Melbourne in particular.

I am only vaguely familiar with the story and the fallout that followed it, so I would be interested in any insights people have on this.

The transcript to this story is very interesting with regard to what it says about Telmo Languiller. He's been stacking branches since 1998. Labor has known about it and has done nothing about it.

This is what the Sunday reporter had to say about Telmo at the time:

...Telmo Languiller is an unknown imposed on the electorate by the right wing of the party. Languiller featured in an earlier report on Sunday in which he was accused of branch stacking. Disturbing questions were also raised about the conduct of the pre-selection ballot in which he won endorsement.

At the pre-selection people were intimidated, they had cards ripped out of their hands and were told how to vote.

Pre-selection for the seats that take in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne was a joke back then and it's still a joke today. John Cain's report from 2004 also implicated Telmo Languiller in serious branch stacking activities.

This is just further evidence that Labor has a love affair with the branch stackers and that Labor's branch stacking rules aren't worth the paper they are written on. The branch stacking operations that occur in the west are blatant and rampant.

No-one should make the mistake of thinking that this is something that Labor doesn't know about. The ALP in Victoria fully understand that this is going on and allows it to continue. Effectively, by allowing people like Telmo to run a branch stacking operation in the Western Suburbs - as Labor has done for Telmo since 1998 - they are selling Telmo a seat in parliament.

So what's the trade off? What did the ALP get for the sale? Has Telmo guaranteed a few other MPs the numbers in their elecorates as well? They must have got something.

$5000 will get you a safe Labor seat in Victoria.

Think of the possibilities, if you are a corrupt filthy branch stacking bastard like Languiller.

You can sit on your arse all day and take the pay, and the superannuation, just by shafting the people who voted for you.

Nice work if you can get it, hey Telmo?
Diane Anderson wrote a lot about branch stacking in Higgins News. Now she's in America. The Landeryou blog ran a story last night about the elections at the Annual General Meeting of the Unitarian Church, the Church from which Diane was expelled for heresy.

Diane was really expelled because she conducted a demonstration at the Church against one of our esteemed MPs. One Telmo Languiller.

There's more to it however. Landeryou pointed out that a surrogate for Diane ran in the election and polled forty five per cent of the votes. There are suggestions in Landeryou's comments that the returning officer, a well known friend of Telmo, was not adding up the votes properly.
Telmo is a good person. He is a great MP. Leave him alone. I'm sick of hearing all the nonsense about him I read on this blog. The Liberal Party even post on this blog. It is clearly nothing more or less than a Liberal front.
We would like to know what Telmo intends to do about the state of Victoria's rivers. The Liberal Party has clear policies. The Labor Party sprouts drivel. Vote Liberal. Read our latest press release:

Author : The Hon David Davis MLC
"The Yarra is not going to be swimmable in our lifetime" Statement made today by John Thwaites Labor Minister for the Environment

"Labor's assertion the Yarra will remain unsafe for swimming in our lifetime sends a clear message to all Victorians that Labor has abandoned any thought of restoring the river," said David Davis, Shadow Environment Minister.

"Under Labor the Yarra and its tributaries have turned into public drains funneling waste and pollutants all the way to the Bay," said Mr Davis.

"It is a clear back-flip from Labor's 2005 goal of making the Yarra safe to swim.

Labor's disappointing admission came less than 24 hours after the Liberal Leader, Ted Baillieu, launched the Liberal Party's comprehensive Plan to Clean Up the Yarra on the banks of the Yarra River.

The Yarra Plan committed a future Liberal Government to spend $51.5 million on cleaning up and making the Yarra safe for all Victorians.

Key actions by a Liberal Government to clean up the Yarra will include:

• The creation of a single authority to oversee and manage the health of the Yarra (The Yarra and Maribyrnong Rivers Protection Authority)

• Connection of 18,500 domestic septic tanks which presently flow directly into the Yarra $28 million to eliminate the septic tank backlog (A mere 74 septic tanks were connected under Labor* - in the past 10 years targeted spending to connect septic tanks has only been met once)

• Installation of hi-tech stormwater filtering systems on 600 discharge drains $15 million on state-of-the-art filtering technology

• Empowerment an independent Environmental Protection Authority Answerable to the Parliament, publish polluters, report prosecutions and establish a communities/stakeholders Yarra River Enforcement Taskforce

• Redress the degradation of streamside vegetation Commit $5 million for riparian re-vegetation in the Yarra catchment

"Each of these initiatives has been carefully costed and complements existing efforts undertaken by councils and individual water authorities. This is new money - in addition to that spent now," Mr Davis said.

"Importantly, the initiatives contained in this Clean Up the Yarra plan seek to ensure that Victorians have a safe river which can be used by all Victorians, including interstate and international visitors, for recreational and leisure purposes.

"The river provides for a wonderful pastime and cannot be allowed to deteriorate any further," said Mr Davis.

Media contact: David Davis 9888 6244, pager 9625 1403

*Auditor-General's Report 2006 (Yarra Valley Water statistics for 2005)
Diane Anderson might talk about branch stacing. Why doesn't she shift to this side of the Yarra and do something about it?
7.24 doesn't know Telmo as well as we know him. That's why he lives in Albert Park.
Telmo Languiller is a filthy branch stacking bastard and that's the end of it.
Telmo is OK. And the results in the Unitarian Church were not rigged. It sounds a little silly to suggest a well known friend of Telmo rigged the ballot by inflating the numbers of a man who was a surrogate of Diane Anderson, a heresy expellee from the Unitarian Church who once led a demonstration in the Church against Telmo.

The argument on the Landeryou blog comments do not make sense. The returning officer voted against the heresy expulsion, which is also a little contradictory seeing he supports Telmo so much.

It may be that the internal politics of Diane Anderson's former Church are just unfathomable to anyone outside that Church, and possibly even to people within it.
Some members of the Unitarian Church are just furious that the results of their annual election were leaked to Landeryou. It sounds like ALP people inside the Church, which comprises people of all political beliefs, were responsible for the leak but you never know.
Who was stacking the Church in the best ALP traditions? Geoff Leigh, the former Shadow Minister for Transport and Liberal MLA for Mordialloc criticised church-stacking in parliament at that Church. Andre Haermeyer called him the village clown for his remarks. Perhaps Geoff Leigh was right after all given comments on both this blog and the Landeryou blog. After all a well known branch stacker in the ALP and a well known friend and close supporter of Telmo Languiller was appointed the returning officer this time so its no wonder there is dispute about the validity of the Church elections.
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