Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Labor's numbskulls in Brimbank (66)

Labor’s councillors in Brimbank have gone and embarrassed the ALP again. It's becoming a habit with this dysfunctional mob, a habit that just can't be broken because they have the full backing of a dysfunctional Minister for Local Government, Candy Broad. These imbeciles on Council also have very strong connections to Labor’s Federal MP, Brendan O’Connor, and Labor’s do-nothing State MPs, Telmo Languiller, George Seitz, and Andre Haermeyer.

Make no mistake, Labor’s MPs and these councillors have a symbiotic relationship; they’re inseparable. These councillors are a true reflection of the state of the Labor Party in Victoria, and the reflection is not a pretty one.

As you may have read in one of my previous posts, Brimbank’s councillors failed to support a motion, moved by a Greens councillor, condemning Howard’s industrial relations (WorkChoices) legislation.

It is a bizarre turn of events, to have Labor councillors in Brimbank, fully endorsed and supported by Labor MPs, refusing to condemn Howard’s IR laws. It’s been so embarrassing for Labor that Brendan O’Connor has had to write to the Council offering to “educate” these numbskulls on the ramifications of Howard’s IR laws.

The whole lot of them should have been sacked a long time ago, we all know that. What we have with these councillors is a bunch of carcasses swinging in the breeze, but Candy Broad refuses to step in and cut them down.

They really are an embarrassment and, with such strong connections to Labor MPs, a sad reflection of the state of the ALP in Victoria. The effect they are having on Beazley is comical. Beazley is pinning all his hopes of re-election—and it is his only hope—on Howard’s atrocious IR Laws; it’s all he has going for himself and the Labor Party at the Federal level. It is his golden opportunity to become Prime Minister, not because of great leadership ability, but because Howard has ballsed this up big time. It’s his only hope and he needs everyone in the Labor Party, at every level, to be united on this issue, otherwise it could all start unravelling.

Without the IR laws and a united Labor Party at all levels, Labor at the Federal level will be mince meat at the next election, as it has been for several previous elections.

O’Connor’s offer to “educate” the Councillors is code for “pull your heads in you idiots. Just because you’re all nongs, don’t taint us with your idiocy (we've already been tainted enough by our own)”. It wouldn’t surprise me if O’Connor’s so called "education" program was a directive from Beazley himself.

To top it off, the unions have now written to the Brimbank Council, demanding that they condemn the WorkChoices legislation. The Australian Services Union are terrified of this rabid mob of councillors, led by Mayor Natalie Suleyman. They’re terrified that this loose cannon will have all the Council’s employees on Australian Workplace Agreements if given half a chance.

They’ve got to cut these carcasses down, for Christ’s sake.

Get rid of those Councillors. They are all idiots. The sad thing for a couple of the good councillors is that they are tainted by these other idiots.
The MPs backed them at the last council election, does that mean they back them in their refusal to condemn the IR laws?
I hear news of the Councillors' support for the IR Laws has filtered through to the Liberals.

They are loving it! Howard knows that the Labor Party will not be able to maintain unity on this issue up to the election.

With numbskulls like Suleyman in power, Howard just has to bide his time and it will all start unravelling.

I hear Telmo also supports these laws.
I hear lots of Labor MPs support these laws in Victoria. Labor is having a nightmare trying to keep a lid on the Pandora's box that will open as more Labor people declare their support for these laws.
learn to write like landeryou dickhead and then someone might actually bother to read your articles.
didnt the ASU support and fund the election campaigns of some of these councillors
landeryou is an idiot. Most of whaqt he writes is bullshit.
Andrew Landeryou is more on the money than people would like to give him credit for. There are lots of disgruntled people out there with aspirations that are hindered by little men in jobs that they believe weild great power, when in fact they are feathing their own nests.

Brimbank is not the only municipality that is lumbered by ALP poor decision making, and personal gains.

Open your eyes people-- if it's not Labor then it would be liberal and the West did even worse out of them.

I challenge the Liberal person who posts on this site to make any comment or commitment to Melbournes West. Show us a reason, give us an excuse to give our vote to you.

This site is all about getting you, the reader to open your eyes and get your heads out of your arses!

The sooner you understand that the ALP stranglehold is choking rather than helping the better off Melbourne's West will be.

And if I hear about the West being the right place for the down trodden, just take a long hard think about how many businesses were built off the back of the 'westie'.

Think about Caroline Springs and the prestige that its post code has being voted Australias best address, think about the greenfield site in the Shire of Melton with a reputed $15b dollar developement.

Just think for a moment abuot what opportunities are afforded the smelly westie as opposed to the clean living my shit doesn't stink eastern suburbs toff.

I wouldn't swap the ring road for the south eastern any day. I wouldnt live miles from melboune just to wank on about how great my street is and access to the 'right' schools. Get over yourselves!.

This is all about allowing the west flourish and develop out of it's 'bad ole days' and be regognised for the opportunities that is presents us with.

If the ALP believe that they can remain safe because they always have, then they are dreaming.

Population growth and movement of living styles mean that there are more open minded people asking why should they be represented by a group of people who do not even engage with me?

If I were the ALP I would be very worried about what November might bring.

If I were the ALP I would be taking special notice of these blogs and others like Andrew Landeryou.

I would walk over hot coals in November just to put my vote in the box.. and Put Labor Last!
Landeryou, what a joke.

One minute his headline proclaims that someone is a Marxist, ten minute later he calls the same person a Liberal.

Labor is fucked now and struggling to keep a sense of reality - a paranoid bunch of branchstackers desperately trying to gain credibility, and doing very poorly.
Well said, omega. Although I can't agree with you about Landeryou, only because I know some of what he has been peddling about people I know are outright lies.

I rarely read his stuff anymore because I can't trust it to be true.
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