Thursday, September 21, 2006


Police out of control under Bracks (65)

Yesterday's report on police corruption, which appeared on the front page of the Age, was no surprise to many who live in the West. With the previous Police Minister Andre Haermeyer leading the way, is it any wonder that the police force is in the state it is in?

We can only hope that the Age continues to expose these corrupt practices. Maybe if enough pressure is applied to the Bracks government, something will finally be done about the illegal gambling houses in Sunhsine. God knows the local police have been asked to do something about these places for many years, but for some reason they seem to be above the law.

I know a lot of people think it's all a bit of harmless card playing for money, which is true enough. But it's still against the law. The bigger concern is the additional illegal activity that occurs within and around these venues in Hampshire Road. These venues appear to be the hub of various illegal activities, including drug deals that occur on a daily basis, often in broad daylight.

Various thieves also take their stolen goods up to these illegal gambling venues to sell to the patrons (and owners). Again this is done quite blatantly, and shop assistants in the area are often accosted by these theives and asked if they would like to purchase various stolen items.

We know that the complaints to the local police about this (by the local shop keepers) have been next to useless. The illegal trade continues, often blatantly, day and night.

So the past experience of many in the West shows that going through the proper channels is unlikely to get you anywhere with the Bracks government. We can only hope that the media pressure continues and the government is shamed into doing something about the corruption.

A Liberal Government in Victoria will ensure that our Police are adequately supported. Make the west and indeed all of Victoria a safer place to live. Vote Liberal. Read our press release:

Date : Sunday, 17 September 2006
Author : Kim Wells MLA
Shadow Minister for Police Kim Wells today unveiled a range of Liberal Government initiatives for Victoria Police, which Liberal Leader Ted Baillieu outlined to delegates in his address at last week's Victoria Police Association conference.

A Liberal Government will:

1. Ensure increased proactive and visible local policing

A Liberal Government will ensure increased proactive and visible local policing including: • Increased community police bike patrols, • Increased foot patrols in shopping centres, and • Increased divisional van patrols in residential streets and regular problem areas.

2. Support and fund the immediate deployment of stun guns to all police stations

A Liberal Government would immediately provide funding and authorise Victoria Police to deploy Taser stun guns to all police stations across Victoria for use by appropriately trained Victoria Police members in direct confrontational and dangerous situations.

3. Use of security surveillance cameras in crime 'hot-spots'

A Liberal Government will expand the use of security surveillance cameras linked to local police stations in designated crime 'hot spots'.

4. Establish Police Professional Registration Board

A Liberal Government will establish a Police Professional Registration Board providing police members with the ability to exit and return to Victoria Police within an agreed time period. Applicants for re-entry will be assessed regarding their competence and any refresher training will be determined on an individual case by case basis.

5. Maternity leave replacements to boost frontline response

A Liberal Government will ensure that gaps left in the front line caused by Victoria Police members taking maternity leave will be filled.

6. Ensure a complete 'Resource Requirement Audit' is performed

A Liberal Government will ensure that a 'Resource Requirement Audit' is performed, in consultation with the Chief Commissioner and the Police Association, in each Victoria Police regional area to ascertain the minimum acceptable number of police required to maintain community safety.

7. Support increased funding of DNA testing

A Liberal Government will provide an additional $17 million funding to the Victorian Forensic Science Centre to ensure that DNA testing of crime samples is performed in a timely and efficient manner to world's best practice. Increased support of the Victorian Forensic Science Centre is critical in ensuring a dramatic turnaround in investigatory delays, currently being up to 18 months, and that offenders are apprehended quickly in order to reduce their opportunity to carry out follow up crimes.

8. Introduce serious penalties for assaults on police

A Liberal Government will ensure that violent assaults against on duty police are severely punished through significantly increased penalties. The murder of a police member will carry a life sentence.

9. Ensure police can perform normal duties in good faith without fear of civil litigation

A Liberal Government will substantially improve legislative provisions to indemnify police members against legal costs or damages awarded in civil litigation where those proceedings have resulted from police carrying out their normal duties in good faith. Police members must be allowed to go about performing their normal duties in good faith without the current constant fear of civil litigation by vexatious parties.

10. Ensure Victoria Police fight vexatious complaints

A Liberal Government will provide additional funding to ensure Victoria Police actively pursue vexatious claims. Victoria Police will be encouraged and supported to more vigorously defend civil cases in court rather than decide to settle out of court.

11. Ensure seriously injured police receive adequate compensation

A Liberal Government will ensure that police members and other emergency services workers who are seriously injured as a direct result of a criminal offence, such as gunshot, stabbing or other serious personal injury, receive additional appropriate compensation in addition to any worker's compensation entitlement. Police members must be able to perform their normal duties with full knowledge that if they are seriously injured as a result of a criminal offence they and their families will be adequately compensated.

12. Ensure clear separation of powers between Victoria Police and Government

A Liberal Government is committed to ensuring that there is a clear separation of powers between Victoria Police, the Minister for Police and the State Government. Only the Chief Commissioner of Police will be able to authorise, following a written request, the release of information to a political party, a minister, or ministerial staff. This power will be solely that of the Chief Commissioner of Police and will not be able to be delegated.

13. Ensure latest technology to reduce paperwork and put police back on the beat

A Liberal Government will ensure that resources are made available to the Chief Commissioner to enable Victorian police members to have, at their disposal, the most advanced technology and equipment available to reduce paperwork and put police back on the beat. This initiative will include: • An upgrade of IT equipment and software including improved networking, database linking and electronic document handling and storage. • Adequate resources to see that appropriate and relevant training in the use of new technology is made available to all Victoria Police members and civilian employees.

14. Re-establish the Police Schools Involvement Programme

A Liberal Government will re-establish the Police Schools Involvement Programme (PSIP). The PSIP was a successful scheme until it was axed by the Bracks Government whereby police visited schools and led anti-crime and good citizenship initiatives. The good work that this scheme did through dealing with low level risks of criminal behaviour before they become more serious was of immeasurable benefit.

15. Introduce Cops in Shops

A Liberal Government will adopt an initiative pioneered in the United States whereby police are located on premises in shopping centres, malls and entertainment precincts. The first project under this initiative will be a kiosk located the in Ballarat Shopping Precinct. The premises will be accessible to the community and will become a point of contact between local people and the police, also serving to deter anti-social behaviour in public places.

16. Re-establish Stolen Livestock Squad

A Liberal Government is committed to re-establishing the Stolen Livestock Squad to specifically combat rural crimes such as livestock theft.

17. Enact 'Move On' Laws

Police currently do not have the power to give a direction to a person or group of people in a public place whose behaviour, whilst not constituting an offence, is reasonably suspected of being anti-social (e.g. likely to cause offence, harassment or fear). The Liberal Party will act immediately to introduce 'Move On' laws, similar to those in NSW, that allow police to direct people acting in an antisocial manner to leave an area and not return. The legislation would specify that any direction given by a police officer could not relate to a genuine demonstration, protest or organised assembly.

Media: Kim Wells pager 9625 1485, Emily Broadbent 0400 390 008
A Liberal Government will take away all the resources that the Volunteer Emergency Services need so desperately. Answer that Liberal Government

Where is that? No Comment? Is that becuase you dont give a stuff about the SES and that they should really be disbanded and all roles given to the CFA/MFB?

Kim Wells had better ex-digitate and get his policy out or I would vote Labor over Lib's any day.
Another incompetent minister, to join Holding Broad and Hairdryer as the most incompetent of the incompetents is Bob Cameron, the childlike Minister for Agriculture and failed water supply in rural Victoria. The greatest criticism of Cameron comes from the National Party by Damien Drum, a great footballer and a great potential Minister. Read about what's in the Bendigo Advertiser about Cameron this morning:

Water war declared
Thursday, 21 September 2006

THE political furore surrounding the Goulburn pipeline for Bendigo turned nasty this week, with accusations of all out "water war" and National Party calls for the sacking of Bendigo West MP and state agriculture minister Bob Cameron.

Nationals water spokesman Peter Walsh yesterday accused Mr Cameron of misleading the public that there were no water savings to be made in the Goulburn system to be piped to Bendigo.

"The Nationals have said any water taken from the Goulburn system for Bendigo and Ballarat should come from genuine water efficiency projects, and that to do otherwise would just be robbing Peter to pay Paul," Mr Walsh said.

"I think Bob as a minister of the government needs to be factual in what he says."

"Premier Bracks should demote the Member for Bendigo West to the back bench.

"As a minister for Agriculture, Bob Cameron is no better than a cardboard cut-out."

But Mr Cameron said another 269 gigalitres worth of water savings still had to be found in Victoria to meet the state and federal agreement for the Living Murray and Snowy initiatives.

"So there's nothing much left to spare," he said.

Earlier this week Mr Cameron accused the Nationals of declaring "water war" against Bendigo, for releasing a petition urging country Victorians to object to piping water from the Goulburn irrigation system to the city.

"This declaration of open water war against Bendigo is outrageous and the Nationals

will hang Bendigo out to dry."

Mr Cameron said the National Party had performed "a total backflip" on the pipeline,

initially showing support for the plan and then changing their minds.

He accused the National Party of being influenced by federal Liberal member for Murray Dr Sharman Stone, who has long objected to the buying of water from agricultural supplies.

"Sharman is out there making her position clear and the National Party are under pressure in those areas."

"She is the organ grinder and the National Party are the monkeys."

But Nationals member for North Western Province Damian Drum, who has suggested

alternative options to help secure Bendigo's supply, including a stormwater harvesting proposal, said the Nationals had always supported using water gained through savings for Bendigo.

"There is no need to talk about just purchasing the water unless you're being driven by the bottom line of a government," he said.

"We don't care if it takes 10, 15, 20 years, as long as the government commits to the savings."

Just commit to the philosophy. They could do that on their ear tomorrow."
Where are the libs now? Running scared? Why are the labor cronies not responding to this?

Apparently on the Police are important in this ministry of Police and Emergency Services... so why dont they just call it the Shaddow / Minister of police? Its all that gets raised in parliament, just take a read of hansard. The title Emergency Services is somewhat more encompasing than just POLICE!

Has uncle Teddie gone to the Metropolitan Ambulance Service Union, MFB, CFA both volunteer associations, or the SES Volunteer Association? Either do the whole job or dont bother... Mr Wells and Mr Holding have a lot to answer for.
I'm sick of reading Liberal shit on this blog.
To 4:51pm

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This is why this website exists! The labor government is ignoring it's safe seats such as us in the west! We are all suffering, and looking for an alternative approach! It is about time this area became a marginal seat, then we may be heard and receive MORE!

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