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Resist until the death: Labor's approach to corruption (64)

Labor continues to resist calls for an independent Crime and Misconduct Commission. They have one in New South Wales and they have one in Queensland. Why oh why can't we have one in Victoria?

The Age ran a great article on the need for a Commission of this type a few years back (How we must fight organised crime), which is still relevant today.
Victoria did set up the Office of Public Integrity, which investigates allegations of corruption in the police force, but this doesn't go far enough and has been criticised for being under-resourced.

In Queensland and NSW, these commissions have had a major impact on reducing corruption, not just within the police forces in the respective states, but in reducing corruption in all of the the public sector institutions that come under their jurisdiction.

I guess the difference in Victoria is that in both Queensland and NSW these commissions were set up following recommendations that resulted from far reaching inquiries into corruption in each State.

Victoria needs a similar inquiry. In many respects Victoria today is reminiscent of pre-Fitzgerald Queensland, and that is saying something. The Fitzgerald Inquiry in Queensland was a watershed for the State, so much so that people today regularly refer to life in Queensland pre and post Fitzgerald.

Why is it that Labor continues to resist calls for an independent commission of this type? What are they scared of?

If we think we are corrupt look at India through the eyes of the Liberal Party of India, As viewed by an Indian who works in Melbourne. Read below what he says about corruption, that 100 per cent of Indian pollies are corrupt:

Corruption and Competence

Minimising opportunities of corruption - by minimising the role of government, is a significant deterrent to corruption - and that has been captured in the liberal budget.

I believe that we should be talking more specifically about the reason why 100% of our politicians and up to 80% of our bureaucrats are corrupt - in terms of completely lacking basic integrity. Simply minimising opportunities of corruption is no good. It will only eliminate some corruption. The bulk of the corruption is due to the fact that we pay our politicians close to zilch, 10 times less than Zimbabwe even.

Some of the books I purchased in my trip to India early this year have started arriving by ship. I am sharing with you extracts from two chapters of an outstanding book by C P Srivastava, called "Corruption - India's enemy within". If anyone feels that the proposed "cabinet decisions" I had put up at were in anyway unjustified, please read these two chapters at (unfortunately this document is pretty large (886KB) since I had to insert some images of graphs).

It is extremely important that liberals understand the basic principle: "The erosion [of civil service salaries] was a consequence of a deliberate policy followed for a long time under the mistaken impression that impoverishment of the higher bureaucracy was an essential ingredient of a socialistic pattern of society. (Report of the Fifth Pay Commission, Vol III. Govt. of India Publication. New Delhi, 1997, para 105.5, p. 1574)"

We need to immediately budget for a minimum 10-fold increase in the salaries of all our legislators, and for a state funded electoral process that provides Rs.10 per vote polled to the party that polled the votes.

Having said that, I cannot agree with existing members of the IAS being rewarded for their incompetence and corruption by their salaries being raised further. However it is important that the budget explicitly "path" (used as a verb) a complete restructuring of the government as an essential component of reform (the proposals under "Cabinet decisions" talk about this restructure at great length). We need to introduce a completely new public services management act, that will rid us of incompetents and corrupt at one go. The honest, and competent members of the civil services could potentially increase their salaries by 3-5 times. The others would have to be ejected.

But please try to consider what I've been saying since 1998, (see and what has been also said by Srivastava with a lot of data. Combethis with what I have suggested at


This reform will not be significant expenditure in the budget, but has to be a basic plank of reform.

Local Government reform

I have scanned and put up a recent letter from the Manningham Council asking residents near my house of their opinion on improving the beautiful park that sprawls just outside my house. I live in an ordinary part of Melbourne, but there is a beautiful parkland just outside my house, and they want to make it even better! And they ask residents for their opinion. This country is surely shining. (please see: - nearly 900 KB).

Do Delhi residents, for instance, have a hope of receiving such a letter in their lifetime?

Do our ministers and bureaucrats realise how far we are from becoming a modern, 'shining' India?

Do we, the liberals, realise that?
A Liberal Government will do more for Victoria Police. Vote Bernie Finn for Western Metropolitan. Read our press release:

Date : Sunday, 17 September 2006
Author : Kim Wells MLA
Shadow Minister for Police Kim Wells today unveiled a range of Liberal Government initiatives for Victoria Police, which Liberal Leader Ted Baillieu outlined to delegates in his address at last week's Victoria Police Association conference.

A Liberal Government will:

1. Ensure increased proactive and visible local policing

A Liberal Government will ensure increased proactive and visible local policing including: • Increased community police bike patrols, • Increased foot patrols in shopping centres, and • Increased divisional van patrols in residential streets and regular problem areas.

2. Support and fund the immediate deployment of stun guns to all police stations

A Liberal Government would immediately provide funding and authorise Victoria Police to deploy Taser stun guns to all police stations across Victoria for use by appropriately trained Victoria Police members in direct confrontational and dangerous situations.

3. Use of security surveillance cameras in crime 'hot-spots'

A Liberal Government will expand the use of security surveillance cameras linked to local police stations in designated crime 'hot spots'.

4. Establish Police Professional Registration Board

A Liberal Government will establish a Police Professional Registration Board providing police members with the ability to exit and return to Victoria Police within an agreed time period. Applicants for re-entry will be assessed regarding their competence and any refresher training will be determined on an individual case by case basis.

5. Maternity leave replacements to boost frontline response

A Liberal Government will ensure that gaps left in the front line caused by Victoria Police members taking maternity leave will be filled.

6. Ensure a complete 'Resource Requirement Audit' is performed

A Liberal Government will ensure that a 'Resource Requirement Audit' is performed, in consultation with the Chief Commissioner and the Police Association, in each Victoria Police regional area to ascertain the minimum acceptable number of police required to maintain community safety.

7. Support increased funding of DNA testing

A Liberal Government will provide an additional $17 million funding to the Victorian Forensic Science Centre to ensure that DNA testing of crime samples is performed in a timely and efficient manner to world's best practice. Increased support of the Victorian Forensic Science Centre is critical in ensuring a dramatic turnaround in investigatory delays, currently being up to 18 months, and that offenders are apprehended quickly in order to reduce their opportunity to carry out follow up crimes.

8. Introduce serious penalties for assaults on police

A Liberal Government will ensure that violent assaults against on duty police are severely punished through significantly increased penalties. The murder of a police member will carry a life sentence.

9. Ensure police can perform normal duties in good faith without fear of civil litigation

A Liberal Government will substantially improve legislative provisions to indemnify police members against legal costs or damages awarded in civil litigation where those proceedings have resulted from police carrying out their normal duties in good faith. Police members must be allowed to go about performing their normal duties in good faith without the current constant fear of civil litigation by vexatious parties.

10. Ensure Victoria Police fight vexatious complaints

A Liberal Government will provide additional funding to ensure Victoria Police actively pursue vexatious claims. Victoria Police will be encouraged and supported to more vigorously defend civil cases in court rather than decide to settle out of court.

11. Ensure seriously injured police receive adequate compensation

A Liberal Government will ensure that police members and other emergency services workers who are seriously injured as a direct result of a criminal offence, such as gunshot, stabbing or other serious personal injury, receive additional appropriate compensation in addition to any worker's compensation entitlement. Police members must be able to perform their normal duties with full knowledge that if they are seriously injured as a result of a criminal offence they and their families will be adequately compensated.

12. Ensure clear separation of powers between Victoria Police and Government

A Liberal Government is committed to ensuring that there is a clear separation of powers between Victoria Police, the Minister for Police and the State Government. Only the Chief Commissioner of Police will be able to authorise, following a written request, the release of information to a political party, a minister, or ministerial staff. This power will be solely that of the Chief Commissioner of Police and will not be able to be delegated.

13. Ensure latest technology to reduce paperwork and put police back on the beat

A Liberal Government will ensure that resources are made available to the Chief Commissioner to enable Victorian police members to have, at their disposal, the most advanced technology and equipment available to reduce paperwork and put police back on the beat. This initiative will include: • An upgrade of IT equipment and software including improved networking, database linking and electronic document handling and storage. • Adequate resources to see that appropriate and relevant training in the use of new technology is made available to all Victoria Police members and civilian employees.

14. Re-establish the Police Schools Involvement Programme

A Liberal Government will re-establish the Police Schools Involvement Programme (PSIP). The PSIP was a successful scheme until it was axed by the Bracks Government whereby police visited schools and led anti-crime and good citizenship initiatives. The good work that this scheme did through dealing with low level risks of criminal behaviour before they become more serious was of immeasurable benefit.

15. Introduce Cops in Shops

A Liberal Government will adopt an initiative pioneered in the United States whereby police are located on premises in shopping centres, malls and entertainment precincts. The first project under this initiative will be a kiosk located the in Ballarat Shopping Precinct. The premises will be accessible to the community and will become a point of contact between local people and the police, also serving to deter anti-social behaviour in public places.

16. Re-establish Stolen Livestock Squad

A Liberal Government is committed to re-establishing the Stolen Livestock Squad to specifically combat rural crimes such as livestock theft.

17. Enact 'Move On' Laws

Police currently do not have the power to give a direction to a person or group of people in a public place whose behaviour, whilst not constituting an offence, is reasonably suspected of being anti-social (e.g. likely to cause offence, harassment or fear). The Liberal Party will act immediately to introduce 'Move On' laws, similar to those in NSW, that allow police to direct people acting in an antisocial manner to leave an area and not return. The legislation would specify that any direction given by a police officer could not relate to a genuine demonstration, protest or organised assembly.

Media: Kim Wells pager 9625 1485, Emily Broadbent 0400 390 008
The Liberals seem to have a death wish. No one reads their long press releases. They only publish them here in the hope the press will read them. Notice there is no mention of Telmo Hairdryer and Cronies. Nor Suleymen. Fascinating and significant. Go back to Exhibition Street Tories.
??Who is Bernie Finn??
Bernie Finn is the former MP for Tullarmarine. He used to be a radio announcer on 3AW. He is considered on the extreme right in the Liberal Party and is a close friend of Margaret Tighe of Right to Life, of which he is a member and strong supporter. He defeated Dino De Marchi, who is now the Liberal No 2 in Northern Metropolitan, for presleection. We have got him as our Liberal No 1 candidate, a winnable position, in Western Metropolitan. Why can't the Liberals endorse better candidates? They are as hopeless as the bloody Labor Party. I want someone decent to vote for. That means the Greens, the Democrats or some strong local independent. Not Bernie Finn.
Any bloody Right to Lifer putting themselves up for election had better be ready to cop the flack.

I personally would not vote for anyone who is a right to life supporter as I am a woman who has the right to choose not some bloody politician who has no right to change my life.

So, Bernie, you better get your boxing gloves on!
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