Sunday, September 24, 2006


What Labor thinks of the Western Suburbs of Melbourne (62)

This is what a former Labor Minister said back in 1998:

"The Western Suburbs of Melbourne has been used as a dumping ground (by Labor) for a number of thugs. Little better than that, a number of thugs who make no impression on the Parliament."

Ian Baker, former Treasurer of Victoria (1998, on the Sunday program)

It's no different today of course. Labor treats its heartland in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne with complete contempt.
What have we done to deserve such quality. But remember it is not only the Labor right. Joan Coxsedge, who used to be an MLC for the west, is extreme left wing and lives in Toorak.
The Labor Party doesn't think much of its voters wherever they live. Read about how Labor ignores the environment. Vote Liberal. Read our press release:

Date : Monday, 25 September 2006
Author : The Hon David Davis MLC
Plans by the Bracks Government and Barwon Water to build a giant thermal sludge drying factory at Black Rock (near 13th Beach), requires an Environmental Effects Statement according to Shadow Minister for Environment and Planning David Davis.

The Black Rock area was identified in the State Government's own Coastal Spaces report as a regionally, environmentally significant coastline. The proposed site of the factory is also located within the catchment area of environmentally significant World Heritage listed wetlands and State flora and fauna reserves, Mr Davis said.

"Plans by the Bracks Government to require works approval by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) will be of no comfort to the community", Mr Davis said.

"History shows that under Labor's Environment Minister John Thwaites' private companies are more likely to get the book thrown at them than government authorities.

"Melbourne Water and other bigger authorities will get their licence conditions rewritten so they can comply with them, despite the fact that the custodial role of the EPA is to ensure that pollution levels are kept to a minimum and that they comply with the law and rules in every way.

"Nothing short of a full EES is required to ensure that an EPA works approval process will be a level playing field, and that by going down this road Labor is not giving a green light to Barwon Water's development," Mr Davis said.

"Labor should listen to the community, the overwhelming majority of which (82% according to a recent survey) are opposed the development."

Media contact: David Davis on 9888 6244 or pager on 9625 1403
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